Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance 24/7

If insured event happens please contact the Emergency Call Centre by the phone number specified in your insurance policy and follow the instructions of Assistance Coordinator.

You can speak Russian, Ukrainian and English using these phone numbers​​, 24/7 including holidays and weekends.

How does it work?

When insured event happens the Emergence Call Centre get your call on emergency line and then:

  • register your insurance case (you should provide them with your name, policy number, period of insurance and contact number),
  • specify your location and problem,
  • organize provision of necessary services through its representative office and providers network in the country of your stay (call a doctor, organise transportation to the hospital, etc.)
  • give guaranties of payment to service providers,
  • coordinate you and service providers,
  • make nessesary payments.

Necessary medical help and assistance to ETI's clients worldwide is organized and provided by Euro - Center Holding SE through its network:

Client of ETI Ukraine are coordinated by Euro-Center, Prague (former EuroAlarm Assistance).

Necessary medical help and assistance to ETI's clients in Turkey, Egypt and Bulgaria is organized and provided by ASPI:

Necessary medical help and assistance to ETI's clients, who are traveling within Ukraine, is organized and provided by the Premier Asststance company:

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