Medical Expenses

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Notify Online

If you didn't notify the Assistance Company about the occurrence of insured event and turned for help by yourself, please inform us.

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Preliminary claim in electronic form can speed up and simplify for you the process of insurance compensation.

Medical Expenses

In cases when you need medical help:

Please call the Assistance Company by dialing the emergency phone number, specified in your insurance policy (certificate) and inform:

  • First name, Last name
  • Your contact number
  • Your location (country, city, hotel, etc.)
  • Number of your insurance policy (certificate)
  • Date of begining and end of your insurance
  • Describe what happened and what kind of help you need

Please follow the instructions provided by your Coordinator.

If you do not have the possibility to contact the Assistance Company or situation requires to make an immediate decision relating the need for urgent medical help, seek medical help at the nearest medical institution or doctor and show your travel insurance policy.

In case of inpatient treatment contact the Assistance Company and agree upon the costs of medical services within 48 hours from the moment of hospitalization and before making a payment for services;

If the cost of treatment (outpatient or inpatient) exceeds 1 000 EUR(1000 UAH when travelling within Ukraine) - in writing form agree upon the cost of treatment with assistance company or the Insurer before treatment. Under the written form shall be understood sending of notification about the treatment and cost estimation by Internet, fax or other means of electronic data transmission and receipt of the written confirmation (guarantee) from the assistance company or Insurer the same way.

In other cases inform us about the insured event no later than 30 calendar days from the date of its occurrence.

In case if you pay for any medical services by yourself, please receive and save all documents confirming the occurance of insured event and amount of your expenses:

  • Certificate-invoice from the medical institution (on a letterhead or with the appropriate stamp) indicating: the patient’s surname, exact diagnosis, date of addressing for medical aid, duration of treatment, detailed data on provided medical services, diagnostics, prescribed medicines with indication of their amount and cost;
  • Doctor’s prescriptions for the Insured person for purchase of medicines with indication of the name of each medicine;
  • Detailed invoices for other services;
  • Documents confirming the fact of payment for medicines, provided medical and other services (cash settlement documents, sales receipts, bank receipts etc.);
  • Invoices for telephone calls (facsimile messages) with indication of a telephone number, date, time and cost of each call.

Expenses that you paid by yourself will be compensated after your return back to Ukraine under the terms of insurance contract. In order to receive a compensation follow the procedure described on page Insurance Compensation

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