Immediately after revealing the loss, partial damage or full destruction of baggage or its delay inform about it:

  • officials of the carrier (e.g. airline), if the baggage were handled under its responsibility;
  • officials of hotels, guest houses, holiday homes, etc. or parkings, garages, transport organizations, if the baggage were passed under their responsibility;
  • in all other cases - the local law enforcement bodies or other authorities

by submitting the relevant claim on loss, full or partial damage of the baggage;

In case of robbery, theft or accidental loss of money or credit cards – immediately address to the local law enforcement authorities with a written claim;

Receive and save all documents confirming the facts of loss (damage, baggage delay) from the above mentioned authorities;

Within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) from the moment of insured event notify us by the phone number +38 044 299 78 87 (in working hours from 09.00 till 18.00 on Kiev time, on Friday - till 17.00).

Within 30 calendar days after finishing your trip contact us for insurance compensation according to the procedure described in section Insurance Compensation

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