Public Liability

Public Liability

When insured event happens you should immediately, but not later than 3 days after you become aware that you caused a damage to another person and it could be a ground for a legal claim, notiy us by the phone number +38 044 299 78 87 (in working hours from 09.00 till 18.00 on Kiev time, on Friday - till 17.00) and provide the following detailed information:

  • how, who, what, where and when the damage was caused,
  • names and addresses of the persons who suffered damage,
  • names and addresses of witnesses,
  • description of damages or losses resulting from the insured accident and their location.

If you received a legal claim immediately send us a copy of the claim ruling of a court, plaintiff's claim, subpoena and any other documents whatsoever received in connection with legal action.

Do not carry out any negotiations with the plaintiff or his representatives for pre-trial settlement of the case, do not admit your guilt in part or in full or in written or oral, and do not pay any claim or demand, without prior approval from the insurance company.

If after approval of insurance company you paid for damages to third parties by yourself, please follow the procedure described on page Insurance Compensation

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