New insurance products for the Ukrainian travel market

Plans change often for reasons beyond our control.

Have you ever spent hours in the concourse, canceled a trip or returned a plane ticket?

Most of us faced such situations. How to return a ticket and do not lose the money? How to get compensation for the time which was spent waiting for flight?!

The company "European Travel Insurance" and PrivatBank offered the travel market of Ukraine a unique solution for these issues by launching the sale of new insurance products:

"Guaranteed ticket refund" — compensation of 80% of the ticket price in case of cancellation by the client for reasons stipulated in the insurance policy;

"Compensation of the airfare" — compensation of 50% to 100% of the airfare in case of delay or cancellation of the trip by the initiative of the transport operators.

Getting compensation is enough easy.

With the product "Guaranteed return" you can return the ticket in any convenient way before the date of departure without providing any additional documents.

Also using the unique technology of PrivatBank and, arrived at the final destination, you can get an insurance payment in case of delay or cancellation of the flight with the product "Compensation for the cost of the voyage." All insured flights are tracked automatically and in case of delay for 120 minutes or more, an insurance payment is made.

Insurance payment is made during 1-3 days to the card with which tickets was paid. Sometimes in the product "Compensation of the airfare" insurance payment is made earlier than the client leaves the arrivals hall and receives luggage.

To make services available it is enough to indicate relevant insurance products by check mark when you are booking an air ticket on the site bilet.pb.ua, in privat24 or in any branches of PrivatBank.

"European Travel Insurance" with the support of its partner PrivatBank once again proves its motto: You travel. We care.

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