Green Card


What is a green card?

The Green Card is the equivalent of motor third-party liability insurance. The difference is that motor third-party liability insurance applies within the territory of Ukraine, while the Green Card applies outside of Ukraine. It covers liability to third parties.

What determines the cost of the green card?

The cost of the green card depends on the type of vehicle, duration of stay abroad (from 15 days to 1 year), and the territory of coverage (Europe or CIS).

In which countries is the Green Card valid? The program includes 46 countries. The full list of countries is available on the official website of the MTIBU. Conventionally, countries are divided into two zones: Europe and the CIS (Azerbaijan, Moldova, etc.).What to do if the green card expires before the trip? Obtain a new policy. The green card is electronic and will be added to the MTPL database immediately after issuance, and a PDF copy will be sent to your email.
How to obtain a Green Card if more than one driver is specified? The Green Card covers any driver who operates the vehicle on legal grounds.Is it necessary to obtain a green card for a trip to Crimea? Crimea is part of Ukraine, therefore, a policy is not required.
What is the difference between a paper and electronic Green Card? Legally, both options have the same validity. The difference is that you receive the electronic policy via email immediately after issuance, while for the paper version, you need to visit the insurance company or wait for delivery.Do I need to purchase two policies if planning a trip to Europe through Moldova? The green card covers any driver operating the vehicle on legal grounds.
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