EuroHold Bulgaria AD

Founded in 1998, EuroHold is an independent financial services group in the CEE/SEE region, operating in insurance, leasing, car sales and investment services. Headquartered in Bulgaria, EuroHold also operates in Romania, Macedonia, Ukraine, Russia, Greece and other EU markets.

Euroins Insurance Group AD

Euroins Insurance JSC is one of the first insurance companies in Bulgaria that received a licence for General insurance according to the new Insurance Code effective from 1998. Euroins portfolio includes over 63 insurance products which correspond to all 18 insurance types in general insurance. Eurohold Bulgaria PLC is the main shareholder in Euroins through Euroins Insurance Group Llc (EIG).

European Travel Insurance (ERV Ukraine)

European Travel Insurance (ERV Ukraine) was founded in Ukraine by Europäische Reiseversicherung AG (Аustria) 19th of October, 2006. ERV in Ukraine is the only specialized travel insurance company that offers a wide range of services and the best insurance solutions for Travelers, Тravel Business, Corporates, Banks.

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    Оформление 🎒 туристической страховки на нашем сайте не займет более 10 минут Вашего времени 🚀 .