Comprehensive travel insurance abroad

Comprehensive travel insurance abroad

Comprehensive Travel Insurance Abroad provides your comprehensive personal and property insurance coverage when traveling outside of Ukraine.

ETI insurance policy includes mandatory types of insurance for travelers, according to the Law of Ukraine "On Tourism", as well as other types of insurance at your discretion that will help you to avoid additional costs and financial losses in emergency situations before, during and after your trips abroad.

Insurance policy for travelling abroad is also one of the documents required to obtain an entery visa to the most countries of the World.

Your comprehensive travel insurance policy from ETI may include various combinations of the following types of insurance:

Medical Expenses Insurance – provides you with emergency medical aid abroad in case of a sudden disease or an accident. 

When you take out the insurance, please, pay attention to the insurance sum. For trips to EU countries we recommend the sum insured for medical expenses - not less than EUR 30 000 for each insured person. If you choose any exotic destination such as Thailand, India (Goa), or countries far removed from Ukraine, the island states and countries such as the Maldives and Caribbean, as well as the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Australia, North and South America, we recommend you to take the insurance with amount of cover not less than 50,000 EUR/USD.

If you plan to spend your holiday actively and to participate in any sports and other activities, such as skiing, sled, skates, skis, water skiing, diving, to take part in amateur sports competitions, to ride on animals or to be engaged in any other activities with an increased risk, it must be obligatory taken into account in your insurance policy. Please be aware that in this case additional charge would be applied.

Please note that the probability of sudden health problems while traveling is always higher for older people, so when issuing insurance for travellers aged from 65 to 80 years old additional charge would be applied.

Personal Accident Insurance – provides insurance payment in case of temporary/permanent disability or death resulting from an accident occurring abroad.

Please pay attention that the amount of compensation is set in % of the sum insured, so the higher the insurance sum - the higher compensation you are eligible to receive.

Public Liability Insurance - provides civilized solution of conflict situations in a court, legal assistance and compensation in case if you unintentionally cause damages to property or life and health of the third parties.

For example, if you are engaged in risky activities, e.g. skiing, there is a high probability to get into situation (collision or fall) wwhich could result in injury or damage to property of third parties, incl. rented sports equipment. Making a financial claim in these cases is a common practice, especially in European countries. This insurance coverage will provide you with legal assistance to protect your interests abroad.

Luggage Insurance - provides you with reimbursement for costs paid for basic necessities in the event of a long delay of your luggage, compensation for the damage caused to your luggage as a result of damage during the flight, theft, loss, for example due to incorrect transportation to another country, and as a result of many other causes.

Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance (insurance of financial risks due to the trip cancellation or interruption) - this type of insurance will help you avoid financial loss in the event of inability to go on a trip, or early termination of a trip.

The reasons for trip cancellation can be very different, for example, visa refusal, accidents, sudden illness, problems with the property, etc.

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