In accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance of Land Vehicle Owners", each driver must have a compulsory civil liability insurance agreement (insurance policy) in paper or electronic form (electronic insurance policy) when driving a vehicle.

Compulsory civil liability insurance is carried out in order to ensure compensation for harm caused to life, health and/or property of third-party victims because of a traffic accident at the expense of the insurance company, and also protects the material interests of the driver who committed the accident.

Since September 21, 2019, in accordance with the Order of the National Committee on Financial Services dated 09.04.2019 No. 538, the insurance amounts under compulsory civil liability insurance contracts are established in the amount of:

- for harm caused to life and health — UAH 260 000 per a victim, regardless of the number of victims;

- for damage caused to the property of the victims — UAH 130 000 per a victim, but not more than UAH 650 000 per an insurance event.

Availability controls of insurance coverage for a car moving along the roads of Ukraine is carried out by the National Police of Ukraine.


• Insured event - only Road Traffic Accident

• Payout limit according to the legislation of Ukraine:

  • UAH 130 000 to each victim if damage is caused to property;
  • UAH 260 000 to each victim if harm is caused to health or life.

• Ability to increase the limit of payments for CMTPL up to UAH 1 000 000.

• Electronic policy

• 24/7 support

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