EUROTRAVELINS.COM.UA works online 24/7

Dear partners and clients, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

From 10.01.2019 you can buy travel insurance policies online 24/7 using the mobile version of our site, using Chatbots in Viber and Telegram applications by your mobile phones and other mobile devices.

To buy a policy in the Viber, you can search for the public account “EUROTRAVELINS.COM.UA” in the application, scan the QR code or follow the link viber://pa?chatURI=ervuachatbot;

to buy the policy in Telegram, you can scan the QR-code, find “ervuabot” in the application or follow the link https://t.me/ervuabot.

We hope that innovations implemented by EUROTRAVELINS.COM.UA will make the process of buying policies simpler for you.

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