ERV Evropská now cooperates with Czech Airlines

Travel insurance can be bought directly with each airline ticket

Czech Airlines customers can benefit from the new partnership with ERV agreed in December 2017. When buying an airline ticket on the Czech Airlines website, you can buy travel insurance or cancellation insurance as well. ERV Evropská and its sister companies in the ERV Group have won a tender announced for 11 European countries.

Customers in each country can now choose the products they are used to, i.e., products the ERV Group offers to the market. “I am glad that, together with colleagues in the other countries, we have managed to set our cooperation with Czech Airlines so quickly and functionally. For Czech Airlines customers, it is a comfortable way to travel abroad with the best travel insurance,” says Ondřej Rušikvas, Member of the Board of Directors of ERV Evropská.

Everything easily on-line

As soon as you choose your airline ticket on the Czech Airlines website, you see an offer for travel insurance matching the chosen length of stay or ticket price. Then just choose your preferred option and complete the airline ticket purchase.

Czech Airlines have relied on experts

Czech Airlines have long relied on the high quality of their customer services. “Thanks to our cooperation with ERV Insurance, we can now apply the same principle that we use in offering our airline tickets to the supplemental travel insurance service. We offer our customers several types of packages and price levels, now not only with airline tickets but also with travel insurance. We thus give our customers a choice at every level, so they can choose the type of services for each trip that they currently need and will actually use,” said Ján Tóth, Business Manager, Czech Airlines.

Solution for international customers

For everything to work smoothly and correctly, ERV implemented the various types of travel insurance using its TripleIP platform. It enables fast deployment of locally-different products for dozens of different markets. In the case of ČSA, these comprised a solution for the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

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